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#Green Streets

coming to Penderi - 2022

Welcome to #GreenStreets Penderi

A Place Like No Other

The Room to Grow Project will be working in partnership with POBL and The Environment Centre to deliver a range of workshops and green recovery programmes in locations across Penderi including, Blaenymaes, Portmead, Penplas and Cadle

Community Farm

We'll be running our Grow Cook Eat in a Day workshops in and around Penderi and at the excellent Community Farm, just a short walk or run from Blaen Y Maes and the surrounding region that includes Portmead, Penplas and Cadle

Drop In Centre

We are hoping to be back at the brilliant Blaen Y Maes Drop-In Centre for more events this spring. Bring your wellies and your green fingers. 

Big Green Adventures and Family Friendly Events

coming soon

#GreenStreets Penderi is a green regeneration project with a difference, coming soon to Penderi Swansea with a range of events and activities delivered by the Room To Grow Project and partners POBL Group and The Environment Centre Swansea. From our "Room To Run" get fit quick initiative, to our planter and grow your own at home workshops. 

Planter Building Workshops
Room To Run
Community Farm
Drop In Centre

Outdoor Activities

Grow, Cook, Eat
Grow Your Own at Home
Events for Kids


Indycube Swansea | 2nd Floor 
11 Wind Street | SA1 1DP

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Join Us

If you would like more information about our #GreenStreetsPenderi Project or would like to sign up as a Penderi Green Ambassador, then please get in touch.

Or if you would like to take part in our Green Corridor then fill in the details below. 


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